• how do i create a game?

    login with a google account, then go to your profile and click create game. keep the game name simple. the game password will be required for people who want to join so make this less simple so that people who aren't allowed to play can't guess the password. finally, for the rules you should create a google doc and set the share settings to 'anyone on the web with the link'.

  • how do i join a game?

    login, then click join game and type in the name and password of the game that you want to join. as long as registration for that game is open, you're in. can't join and you think you should be able to? ask your game's admin to make sure they didn't change the registration to closed by accident.

  • how do i sign up?

    just click login and sign in with an existing google account, no need to make a new one.

  • how do i assassinate my target?

    just click the assassinate button on your profile and enter your target's secret code.

  • why can't i join/create more than one game?

    because it keeps things more simple if you're just in one game. i might change this in the future so let me know if you really wanna be in multiple games at a time and i'll consider changing it.

  • what is secret code?

    secret codes are randomly generated when you create an account and they are used as confirmation for assassinations. it prevents you from assassinating your target without asking them what their code is and entering it in.

  • what is game state?

    toggling the game state is a way of pausing/resuming a game. useful for weird situations like if you wanna pause the game over the weekend or during a certain time of the day.

  • what is registration status?

    you might not want people to be able to join a game that is already underway... or you might want to allow that... that's why I left this up to the game admin. toggle it to closed and nobody can join your game.

  • why does my target say n/a?

    you must be the only person in the game. invite people to join and you'll see that change.

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